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Hcg p4 fogyás. Eat organic food if you can. Clean your colon. HCG Diet Phase 4 If you have reached phase 4 Congratulations!
In phase 4 when your weight has become consistent stable you will start to re- introduce sugars starches back into your diet. It is NOT to eat all the foods you want NOR is it to try to lose more weight.
Do a parasite cleanse. The first two days after you stop taking HCG, stay on the VCLD. ) The maintenance interval between Phase 2 courses increases incrementally as Phase 4 becomes increasingly longer with each additional HCG course.

( See interval list below. HCG can be really challenging it takes focus, discipline, personal growth a serious intent to get this far.
For example you might have starches such as bread on Monday . That is your mantra for the next 6 weeks.

HCG Diet Phase 4. Hcg p4 fogyás.

The second 3 weeks after HCG P4 ( P3 – part 2 as some people call it) is just as important as the first three weeks of Maintenance ( Phase 3) in stabilizing your weight. By alternating P3 P4 days you always give your body a day to recover/ rebalance from the intake of any starches sugars. Mimimize fast food regional national chain restaurants.
After you have done a colon cleanse program In addition to promoting long- term weight regulation, it is wise to use a parasite cleanse product , the benefits also include dramatic increase in energy . Do a Candida cleanse. STAY STRICT and stick with the protocol.
Relax eat when you’ re hungry stop when you’ re full. Mar 16, · beginning maintenance weeks of Phase 4. HCG Diet Phase 4 Tips.

Keep in mind that your only goal in P3 and P4 is to stabilize your weight. To keep the weight off permanently, here are some guidelines: Drink your water!

) Because there is a possibility of developing immunity to HCG, the HCG again becomes fully effective. And Other HCG Diet Phase 4 Questions Posted By: Amy 4357 Views Phase four of the HCG diet is the “ Transition and Maintenance” phase which is the final part of. It’ s also helpful in the early days of P4 to have only starches or sugars on a single day.

In P4 no foods are off limits.

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